Pain Diagnosis & Injury Rehabilitation

'Be Kind to Yourself and Others'

"Numbness in my left hand led me to Dr. Duncan's office. Dr. Duncan did not hesitate to order up the necessary tests, in my case full neck x-rays and an EMG, which she did herself. In short order, Dr. Duncan definitively diagnosed my problem (in my case, bilateral radiculopathy) and gave me a comprehensive treatment plan to follow along with regular prolotherapy. As a result of Dr Duncan's excellent care, I no longer suffer debilitating pain in my neck and numbness in my hand.

Thank you, Dr Duncan! You have truly been a life-changer, helping me through a very challenging condition."

-Daniel Patrick Ross, Nantucket, MA

"Thank you so much for stopping my pain symptoms. Were it not for the relief you provided I would no doubt be requesting prescription pain relief." -RJ

"'Thank you so much Dr Ducan! I am forever grateful." LW

"I would be on heavy narcotic medication if it wasn't for Dr Duncan. I am now painfree and and a on no pain medication of any kind." PM